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Academia Through the Senses

April 8- April 26, 2010

University of Toronto Art Centre art lounge

Do you do research that requires the ‘senses’ to create with and be responsive to all of life?

The University of Toronto Art Centre art lounge will be holding an exhibition and discussion for those engaged in, or interested in finding out about, University of Toronto students using the senses in their research to be responsive to life.

Some call this arts based research as a formal discipline. However the exhibit is open to any genre invented or otherwise.

Do You?

Do research that uses or borrows from art

Present your research as sensual

Do professional art that asks research questions

Questions We Can Ask:

  1. How do the senses allow your research to move amidst disciplines and in life inclusive of the ‘other than human’?
  2. How do the senses help eliminate cultural structures of power and segregation by being revelatory and co-creative?
  3. How do the senses make your research answerable to the researcher, participant and those using it?
  4. Is this research a requirement within your discipline or making demands on it?


      1. The exhibition is open to any format including performances (with restrictions set by the gallery staff). You don’t have to hang your work on the walls. The exhibition will be accessible through its use of space and by referencing the exhibit aurally.
          1. All submissions will be referenced in a text at the exhibit. Those chosen for inclusion in the Lounge exhibit will be varied in type and clearly representative of the research they are carrying out.
          1. A round table discussion and sharing session with presenting researchers is planned. If there is a lot of interest other sessions of researchers could be set up for presentation and discussion.

        We accept submissions as: jpg photos, photos on paper, graphics, aural or video recordings with an abstract of up to 500 words and a few lines of biography

        Send to

        Deadline: February 14, 2010