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Group photo of 2019 SEAA Recipients Photo by: Dominic Chan

Student Engagement in the Arts Awards

2019 Recipients


Angela Gu is a fourth year Trinity College student majoring in Ethics, Society and Law, with minors in French and Environmental Biology. Angela has been involved with the Hart House Literary and Library Committee since her first year at U of T and currently serves as Student Chair. In this capacity Angela nurtures her own, and others, passion for literature by organizing events and workshops to help students learn how to be published, find literary agents, and explore careers in literature. Angela is known for being exemplary student leader and community member. Her nominator says that she is the, “ideal kind of leader, because she is humble and constantly seeking ways to empower her peers to raise them up as leaders as well.”


Shreya Jha is a third-year student studying music composition in the Faculty of Music and neuroscience in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Shreya is an active composer, performer, and music director in University of Toronto’s campus theatre. She is an academic director on the Faculty of Music Undergraduate Association. Her original musical “Statistics” about the story of Rosalind Franklin premiered on February 8. Shreya works with Sistema Toronto, which offers free musical education to children in underprivileged communities. In 2018, Shreya started a program that enables Faculty of Music composition students to teach and compose with Sistema students. Shreya is keenly attracted to the intersections between music and biology. She is conducting an independent research project on piano performance and physiology and has given a TedX talk on memory. Shreya has been commissioned for original scores by the Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra and has written for the Gryphon Trio as the Trinity College Artists-in-Residence.


Ethan is a fourth year Innis College student - completing an Honours Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and Cell and Molecular Biology. Ethan has devoted himself to the Innis Choir throughout his undergraduate studies. After serving as the Choir’s Co-social Director, he became the Co-Director and has led the Choir for the last two years. Ethan’s love of music and collaborative nature has also led him to participate in Innis Jamz, be a member of a musical group ‘Jannie and the Jammies’, work on a production of Moby Dick: The Musical, and support a number of solo performances. Most recently, Ethan initiated a podcast to open dialogue with professors so that students can learn more about their research interests and career journeys. Ethan’s nominator praises his commitment to his studies, student government and the arts, saying that students like Ethan are ‘integral to creating a vibrant community at Innis’.


Allan Kuan is a PhD candidate in the Department of Civil and Mineral Engineering.Music has been an important part of Allan’s experience throughout his studies at the University of Toronto. He has been deeply involved as a performer and director for Open Score and the Appassionata Music Group, two student-run organizations which organize classical music performance opportunities for soloists or small ensembles. Allan has organized and performed at over 90 concerts and charity events on campus, Toronto General Hospital, Toronto Grace Health Centre and at retirement homes around the GTA. He is a familiar face in the music scene at U of T, performing with Hart House Orchestra, Skule Orchestra, serving as a collaborative pianist during several Skule Music events, and being the auditioner for using the grand pianos at Hart House. His nominator notes that he has met few individuals who volunteer their time so graciously and generously.


Lindsay Liu is a Woodsworth College student studying Economics with minors in Psychology and Spanish. As the vice-president and co-founder of the University of Toronto’s RMB Filmmaking Club, she contributes her time and talent to building a platform for students to gain hands-on filmmaking experiences in the campus. With a mission of producing high-quality entertainments and promoting Chinese film culture, Lindsay works with her peers to produce short films, web series, and variety shows. Her productions were awarded as the Best Drama at the 2017 University of Toronto Film Festival and nominated for the Best Short Film at the 2018 Canada China International Film Festival. Her nominator attests to her, ‘dedication…even-handed attitude, and her devotion to the art, craft, and business of filmmaking’.


Alana Paré is a fourth year student in Theatre and Performance Studies and French at University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC). Alana was commissioned to write and direct a play for Artsideout in her first year, and has held work-study positions at the fabrication lab and the Leigha Lee Browne theatre at UTSC. She is most proud of directing two shows for the UTSC Drama Society, including "The Circle" by Geoffrey Simon Brown (2017), and "In This World" by Hannah Moscovitch (2018). She is currently stage-managing the Drama Society mainstage production of "This Is War" by Hannah Moscovitch, and has volunteered to be student producer for the UTSC Faculty mainstage production of "The Shell" by Nikki Shaffeeullah. Alana aims to be an artistic jack-of-all-trades. Her nominator describes her as, ‘a wonderfully creative, smart, and motivated individual…who never disappoints.”


Jess Stewart-Lee is a fourth-year student at Innis College, double majoring in Cinema Studies and Diaspora and Transnational Studies. She currently serves as Video Editor for The Varsity and President of the Cinema Studies Student Union (CINSSU). Jess dedicates her time at to cultivating space and opportunities for student artists to discuss and share their work. Jess’ photography work has been featured at the Innis Student Art Gala, part of the Innis Student Art Project, as well as being featured in The Varsity. Outside of these organizations, Jess has also collaborated on a video project for the Dean’s Mental Health Initiative, promoting faculty support and encouragement for first-year students. As an arts leader and art creator at U of T, Jess Stewart-Lee stands out as an exemplar of what the Student Engagement in the Arts Award recognizes.


Chiao Sun is an Innis College student double majoring in Cognitive Science and Psychology and minoring in Buddhism, Psychology and mental health. He is a multi-hyphenate artist: a photographer-videographer-web designer-interviewer-storyteller-community builder. His nominator tells us that, “at a time where anyone with a smartphone can be a photographer, Chiao has elevated the art form, reinfusing it with narrative and purpose.” Chiao is also the creator behind the popular Facebook Page, Innis Inspiration, which features photo-stories capturing struggles and paths to success of Innis’s most successful students. Putting down the camera, he also spend his time as a residential house representative, a student council photographer, a peer mentor, and one of the loudest orientation leaders.


Tamara Vojinovic is a fourth year Arts Management specialist, minoring in Media Studies and Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Toronto, Scarborough. Tamara is the President of the UTSC Drama Society and spends her time outside of the classroom dancing hip hop, jazz and lyrical on the RISE UTSC dance team, acting in the Faculty Theatre Mainstage Production “The Shell” - -which is running this month, and working as a Social Media coordinator for the Arts, Culture and Media Student Association. Tamara’s nominator commends her, ‘impressive blend of passion for the arts and her tremendous skill to tackle ambitious work and see it through to execution’.Tamara is constantly seeking new opportunities to be engaged with the arts community and to meet and work with new people. She believes that the ‘earth’ without ‘art’ is just ‘eh’.


Eugenia Wong is a fourth-year undergraduate student pursuing a double major in Architecture and Visual Studies. Eugenia serves as the undergraduate student representatives on the Advisory Board of the Art Museum at the University of Toronto and works as a museum attendant at University of Toronto Art Centre at University College. She is also actively involved in Hart House as a member of the Hart House Board of Steward's, where she serves as student chair of the Art Committee. In her home Faculty, John H.Daniels, Eugenia is President of the Applied Architecture Landscape and Design student group. Her work has been featured in various college-based publications such as the University College Review, The Lyre and Shift magazine, the Trinity Art Show, the joint New College and Innis College art Gala and the Hart House Arbor Room. Her nominator praises Eugenia’s leadership abilities and notes that she is someone who is a generous team player with an inherent understanding of collaboration.


Jennifer Xu is a third year student studying Arts Management and Music and Culture at University of Toronto Scarborough (UTAC). She is the artistic director for UTSC’s annual interdisciplinary arts festival, ARTSIDEOUT 2019. In the past she has been involved with ARTSIDEOUT as performance director and two consecutive years of volunteering. She is the marketing director for the UTSC’s arts, culture and media department student association and the programming team lead for the department. She also sits on the research co-curricular programming council as the student representative. Her nominator says that, “She is a shining example of our department’s best students, especially in regards to her involvement in Arts, Culture and Media affiliated extracurricular activities.”

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